What Happened To Bob Barker After His Legendary Run On 'The Price Is Right'


  1. Retirement - After 35 years of hosting The Price Is Right, Bob Barker retired from the show in 2007. He was replaced by comedian and actor Drew Carey.
  2. Animal Rights Activism - For many years, Bob Barker has been a passionate advocate for animal rights. He has donated millions of dollars to animal rights organizations and even had a hand in the creation of the Los Angeles Zoo's Bob Barker Endangered Species Preserve.
  3. TV Cameos - Since his retirement, Bob Barker has made several cameos on TV shows, including The Bold and the Beautiful, How I Met Your Mother, and The Bold Type.
  4. Personal Life - Bob Barker has been married twice, first to Dorothy Jo Gideon, whom he divorced in 1981, and then to former Price Is Right model, Dian Parkinson, whom he divorced in 1993. He has also been in a long term relationship with his partner, Nancy Fleming.
  5. Legacy - Bob Barker's legacy lives on in the form of the Bob Barker Endowment for the Study of Animal Rights, which he founded in 2002. He has also been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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