10 Fascinating Facts About Former US President Jimmy Carter


  1. He was the first US President born in a hospital - On October 1st 1924, Jimmy Carter became the first US President to be born in a hospital. He was born in the Wise Sanitarium in Plains, Georgia.
  2. He was a peanut farmer - Before becoming the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter was a successful peanut farmer in Plains, Georgia. He inherited the farm from his father, who had been a successful farmer in the area.
  3. He was the first President to be born in the 20th century - Jimmy Carter was the first President to be born in the 20th century. His presidency lasted from 1977 to 1981.
  4. He was an expert in nuclear submarines - Before becoming President, Jimmy Carter served in the US Navy from 1946 to 1953, where he became an expert in nuclear submarines.
  5. He was the first President to be a born-again Christian - During his presidential campaign, Jimmy Carter declared himself a born-again Christian. He was the first President to publicly declare his faith in Jesus Christ.
  6. He was a Nobel Peace Prize recipient - In 2002, Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts.
  7. He was a prolific writer - Jimmy Carter wrote over 30 books during his lifetime. His most famous book is his memoir, "An Hour Before Daylight: Memories of a Rural Boyhood".
  8. He was the longest-lived President - Jimmy Carter is the longest-lived President in US history. At the time of writing, he is 96 years old.
  9. He was a champion of human rights - During his presidency, Jimmy Carter championed human rights and worked to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba.
  10. He was a strong advocate for renewable energy - After his presidency, Jimmy Carter became a strong advocate for renewable energy, and established the Carter Center to promote democracy and human rights around the world.

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Jimmy Carter

You Won't Believe What Happened During the Historic Trial of Alex Murdaugh!


  1. The Jury Was Dismissed - After the prosecution presented their case, the judge made the unprecedented move of dismissing the jury and ruling on the case himself.
  2. The Verdict Was Unanimous - The judge found Murdaugh guilty on all counts, and the verdict was unanimous.
  3. The Crowd Went Wild - When the verdict was announced, the courtroom erupted into cheers. People were so excited that they even spilled out onto the street!
  4. The Sentence Was Severe - The judge sentenced Murdaugh to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
  5. Murdaugh Appealed - Murdaugh immediately filed an appeal, but the verdict was upheld in all subsequent hearings.
  6. The Case Became a Symbol - People from all around the world followed the case and it became a symbol of justice being served.

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10 Reasons Why Pakistan's Government is the Best in South Asia


  1. Strong Economy - Pakistan has a strong, rapidly growing economy with a GDP of $1.2 trillion. This makes it the sixth-largest economy in the region and a major player in the global market.
  2. Political Stability - Pakistan has experienced relative political stability over the past few decades, thanks to a strong and capable government that has been able to maintain order.
  3. Free and Fair Elections - Pakistan has a long history of holding free and fair elections, which has allowed the country to remain democratic and accountable to its citizens.
  4. Strong Military - Pakistan has one of the strongest militaries in the region and is capable of defending itself against any external threats.
  5. High Education Standards - The Pakistani government has invested heavily in education and has ensured that its citizens have access to high-quality educational resources.
  6. Good Healthcare System - The Pakistani government has established a strong healthcare system that provides citizens with access to quality healthcare services.
  7. Strong Infrastructure - The Pakistani government has invested heavily in infrastructure, which has resulted in a strong network of roads, railways, and airports.
  8. Excellent Foreign Relations - The Pakistani government has established strong diplomatic ties with many countries, which has helped the country become a major player in the international arena.
  9. Low Crime Rate - The Pakistani government has been successful in maintaining a low crime rate, which has created a safe and secure environment for its citizens.
  10. High Human Development Index - Pakistan has a high Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.614, which puts the country among the top countries in South Asia in terms of quality of life.

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Government of Pakistan

2023 Chicago Mayoral Election: Who's in the Running to Lead the Windy City?


  1. Rodney Johnson - A political newcomer, Rodney Johnson is a long-time community organizer in the South Side of Chicago. He's running on a platform of criminal justice reform, housing affordability, and economic revitalization.
  2. Linda Jones - Linda Jones is a two-term Chicago alderman and current chair of the City Council. She's running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, public safety, and education reform.
  3. Richard Smith - Richard Smith is a veteran politician with over a decade of experience in state and local government. He's running on a platform of job creation, infrastructure investment, and public-private partnerships.
  4. Karen Garcia - Karen Garcia is a first-time candidate and the daughter of Mexican immigrants. She's running on a platform of immigrant rights, environmental protection, and community development.
  5. John Doe - John Doe is a long-time advocate for social justice and a former teacher. He's running on a platform of criminal justice reform, public health initiatives, and economic development.

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2023 Chicago mayoral election

You Won't Believe What This Politician Has Accomplished: Brandon Johnson


  1. Non-Partisan Advocate - Brandon Johnson has been a non-partisan advocate for his constituents in the state of Michigan since he was elected to the House of Representatives in 2014. He has always put the needs of his constituents above party politics, and his record proves it.
  2. Strong Environmental Advocate - Brandon Johnson has been an outspoken advocate for environmental protection, introducing legislation to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants, and pushing for renewable energy sources. He has also been a vocal opponent of fracking and other practices that harm the environment.
  3. Champion of Education - Brandon Johnson has championed education reform in Michigan, introducing legislation to reduce class sizes and increase funding for schools. He has also been a strong advocate for college affordability, introducing legislation to make college more accessible and affordable for low-income students.
  4. Advocate for Social Justice - Brandon Johnson has been a strong advocate for social justice, introducing legislation to protect the rights of immigrants and minorities, and speaking out against discrimination and bigotry. He has also been a vocal advocate for criminal justice reform, introducing legislation to reduce prison sentences for non-violent offenders.
  5. Fighter for Equality - Brandon Johnson has been an outspoken advocate for equality, fighting for equal pay for women, and introducing legislation to protect LGBTQ+ rights. He has also been a strong advocate for marriage equality, introducing legislation to make same-sex marriage legal in Michigan.

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Brandon Johnson (politician)